"Because it looks like fun"

Another 2 items ticked off the list!

What an amazing few days Ellie has had. She has completed two more of her challenges, they were ‘Pottery’ and ‘Learn to make macaroons’.

We have been very fortunate to have some great people help us with Ellie’s challenges and Ellie and I can’t thank them enough for their support and encouragement.


When Ellie added pottery to her list she was interested in the decorating of the pot or plate not the making of it. So, with that information in mind I contacted a good friend of mine, Kylie Crane at Roobarb & Kustard Ceramics Cafe  in Northampton and arranged for Ellie to visit and paint a plate.

It’s a great place for kids and parents to sit, drink great coffee and let their creativity to come out to play.

Ellie decided to decorate a plate with the 11 items on her list.


Learn to Make Macaroons

Thanks to Etam, from Bespoke Cakes by Etam, Ellie was given a crash course in making macaroons. Not an easy thing to make but after an hour or so Ellie had made her first batch of macaroons. They were delicious.